Monday, January 16, 2012

I've been looking forward for so long, i forgot to move forward

Greetings and happy 2012, if you follow the Gregorian calendar. Well... since my last post on the Transgendered Day of Remembrance, Stuff has been happening... I started to attend an Anxiety and Depression group, to whom i outed myself... it was odd, there is a Trans Man in the group who looked very uncomfortable, and all of a sudden, i'm introducing myself as Diana and going into who i am, but everyone has been very accepting of me and i can feel their love and concern... My sister, Mel has accepted me as her sister and it is glorious... at least i will have the support of one of my blood family as i *ahem* move forward.

I have been writing fiction also for the last six months at an online site called Big Closet and my work has been pretty well received if you would like, you can read it here. I may have also mentioned my novel The Enhanced: TRI, but enough shameless self promotion. while writing at the site i have (virtually) met and built an online 'Family' if you will, who have given me such love and support that i have finally been able to break my paralysis.

Since December, i have made Doctors appointments and printed out referral forms for the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic, The Toronto YMCA, to try to dump at least 100 pounds of excess weight, which with my diabetes could be the death of me, gotten the paperwork for an official name change and best of all...

 I came out to several co workers at the bingo hall where i volunteer... six in fact, and none of them tried to beat me senseless... in fact all were accepting and most were very happy for me.

I guess what i am trying to show is that you can move forward even in baby steps. i don't know when i will be complete, but i am sure as heck back on the road.

Blessings and loving wishes to you all,


  1. That's my awesome little sister Moon:)

    Now...@ the rest of you reading here. Diana is so right that these little steps can happen. I'm lucky enough to be part of her online family but for me it's RL too.

    It's getting those first steps in that's the thing. It's like walking in heels for the first time.
    Shit, I don't know if I can do this.
    Wobbly nervous tiny little steps.
    Then the momentum will kick in and you'll start doing it!
    OMG Yes!

    Hey and the thing girls:)
    It's really hard to slouch in heels.

    *Great Big Hugs*